Harlem boys pwned by Tatum:

jerryjazzmusician.com/mainHT … ers15.html


Hahaha not even a chopet could save them.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DA MAN sumz it up. mozt legendary randomnezz evah:

“James P. tried his best to save the day for Harlem with a brilliant rendition of Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude.”


judging from da TATz chrom figahz in da tigah rag, he iz lucky da RUDY waznt dere to unleash HIZ chopet 8)


tatum would have played a crazy feux follets :ziff:

Not only fast, but with that rhythmic precision it would be CLEAN too. :astonished:

Tatum? you can’t imitatum!

I just made that up 8)

Personally, I’d just like to see him do 10/8, oddly.

HAHAHAHAHAH DA MAN, go do a DNA tezt 8)



Now I’m confused, which one of you two actually knows me? 8)

dere should be more piano battlez like this these dayz.

kind of like rap battles


dye iz clalled piano compeitionz 8)

tiz true

but i mean more like this particular one

where mofoz in a club will play something then get up from the piano and say “Whut whut!!”

and then the next mofo tries to answer with more fury.

and the crowd cheers like “ooooooooooh, you just got served”

actually yes they iz called piano competitions now that i think about it.


well i agree, but in diz day n age, itz all about da fame n cash

how cud diz work?