Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven played on fortepiano

ive heard lots of stuff on fortepiano. it gives it a more authentic sound and is definitely fitting for some things. for other things, you just cant help but want to hear the piano more.

I played some Schubert on a fortepiano once.

Piano is just better. In every way.

tru fortepiano is a bit sheeyat

then again, i’ve never heard a great pianist perform on one…

it’s always the sheeyat ones who do it, it seems

while i think the innovations of the modern piano have been for the better i’ve spent some time on an 1850’s erard, and there are some beautiful sonorities that you can get on it which you can’t get on a modern piano


Only Chinese girls seem to be taking up the fortepiano here :dong:

those are the pianists i was talking about

I can’t stand pianoforte, but it’s just something you either love or hate I guess. My teacher is actually a fortepianist who doesn’t play piano anymore. If you guys want I could upload him playing Schubert and all that on pianoforte.

If you don’t know anything about the instrument, you can’t say that it sucks.

ahaha tiz tru.

I mean, why do anything on a fortepiano when you have MUCH less limitation on a piano? Eh, to each their own.

lol fucking cumwad, that’s the whole point… beethoven, f.i., wrote in those limitations. his forte’s were the loudest the instrument could handle, and when he wrote in the lower or highest octaves it had much more effect than it has now. we have like 3 more octaves, which leaves the effect of playing at the “extremes” of the keyboard completely pointless in a way. also, a fortepiano, in a way, has WAY more colours. it’s just that today’s ears can’t hear those subtleties anymore. THINK befor e u post tru

true, there are many beautiful colors to get on the older instruments that we cannot get on a modern steinway, and there are effects that are nearly impossible on most modern instruments (like waldstein octave gliss). i’ve found on many older instruments that there is a certain singing quality that are unique to them, something of a warm color that i’m not describing well.

but i think you are a bit harsh on that guy. i agree that the comment was pretty benign, but i don’t think it puts him at cumwad status…maybe dipshit or fucktard. but you’ve gone too far.

tru, cumwad is a good name though:


lol, u make it so much better on the guy, right?

tru. it was a bit exaggerated.

Paul Badura-Skoda played - and recorded - on fortepiano quite a bit.

I think I have some of his Beethoven and Schubert on the fortepiano. I’ll try to dig it up and post.

haha w/e i just get irritated from ignorance on the internet 8).

yeah honestly,

i don’t even want to play the damned thing

Haydn often played harpsichord anyway.


its funny though, he labeled some of his sonatas with the possibility of playing on harpsichord just for money

what a musician

he recorded da complete brotha sons.

in that time, both instruments were being used equally, pianoforte was only just coming in. i guess u can say they wrote pieces for “those 2 instruments with keys”

that will be interesting. i hope you find those sometime. no rush, though.