Heifetz Double Concerti - (Bach/Brahms/Mozart)

Jascha Heifetz- Erick Friedman- New Sym London- Sargent - Concerto in D minor for two violins - very amazing piece - my favorite

Jascha Heifetz- William Primrose- RCA Victor SO- Izler Solomon - Sinfonia concertante in E-Flat- K.364

Jascha Heifetz- Piatigorsky RCA Victor SO- Wallenstein - Concerto in A minor for violin and cello- Op.102-Vivace

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The Bach is a bit of a weak rec imo. Friedman is not nearly the violinist Heifetz is, and even then I wouldn’t qualify Heifetz as one of the great Bach violinists… Still, amazing playing from the king.


Heifetz will always be legendary. I heard his Sibelius concerto rocks…

Any chance for a Re-UL?

Sure, I’ll re-upload it within the week.

Rezpec, thanks.