help IDing possible Sokolov Prok1 rec?

Hi all,

For those who are Sokolov fans, I’ve come across a rec claiming to be his Prok 1. No conductor, orch, or date listed. From one preliminary listen the sound quality sounds like it could be an LP transfer.

This concerto is listed on the wikipedia entry under his repertoire list, but there is no record of this rec on our own Simon Rogers’ site, and I thought he had everything!!

Fake? Thoughts?


I also have a Sock Prokofiev 1, dld from a Japanese site, which was described in the Russian forum I mentioned in some of my previous posts as containing only Sock recs. Unfortunately, same problem as with your file. No conductor/date specified (and I don’t read Japanese, I just clicked the links). The sound on this recording is quite good. Did not listen to the whole thing so far, just not in the mood for Prok 1 :confused:

Maybe, but I listened again and mine is definitely older. Obviously there is no record of him playing this concerto in the last, let’s say, ballpark 20 years? So my guess is that if it’s legit it would be a russian lp or live recording from maybe the 70s?

I have a Sokolov Prok 1 also. No info, but it sounds like a reasonably recent rec. Sounds like a rec from the 90s or so.

Can you upload the recording? Very interested in hear the cadenza!

Apparently there are 2 recordings of Sokolov playing the Prokofiev 1. I used to have one of them, but I lost it. There is no date for one of them, and also no orchestra. Heres the details of the two recordings anyhow -

unknown date - Russian Broadcast
unknown orchestra/Serov

21/03/02 - Lahti
Lahti Symphony Orchestra/Atzmon

Id be interested to hear them if anybody is willing to upload them

wow, I didn’t know that there was one in 2002… I didn’t remember seeing that on the repertoire list compiled by his Yahoo group

I will try to get a chance to upload one today, I think it’s the unknown/unnamed version

I can ul mine as well, though I think it’s probably the same as jredmond’s

You can find my version here:

ul now … done

the three files are in the Sock folder

Really great rec Raisha, is that a certain Sok rec or uncertain? Definitily sounds like him (mostly tempi wise to me).

I was planning to do an audition for this concerto with university orch in sept, but when I started praxing I found the first couple of pages after the opening theme so boring I gave up. This rec gives me a renewed view and it sounds pretty sweet.

But I don’t think I’ll manage to learn the piece for audition in september …

Glad you like it. I found the recording on a page with several Sokolov bootlegs (having being directed to the site by a Sock fan on yet another forum). Unfortunately, it was a Japanese site, so I could not really read the information. So I’d think it is Sock, but I am not absolutely sure.

It sounds like a hellishly difficult piece. But I imagine it must be fun to be able to play it …

Thanks for the upload Raisha…

Anima, good luck for your audition, no too much time to learn this work, but it´s wonderful music!

I remember that Prok composed this piece for his last exam in the Moscow Conservatory… amazing!

You’re welcome. I think I have some further interesting Sock recordings which I’ll upload in a bit

more is always welcome! thanks!!