help wit mah new composition

Lazt time i posted my compositions zupahstah was very helpful and recommend i start writing variationz.

so i finally got ovah mah lazinezz and did yesterday. i’m writing a rhapsody on a piece written by my friend.

Here iz tha beggining: … aguire.mid

I feel like everythin is all over the place, it iznt all logically connected. Any helpful tips?

here iz mah friendz piece fo reference:

so far i’m only on the first two measurez of it, n already haff randomly two pages.

dear my fav nu membah , as far as i care about you i dont want to tell you the positives of it . i wanna tell u its not logical at all and you know it ! thats great then y do u write such things ?
and y do u start with these things like Rhapsody ? this is a very mature form to introduce it in proper way ?
please chose like 8-10 measures theme max ! and write just 3 variations of it ! very classicaly , because classical music teaches you logic. and dont write this piece as you want it to be a piece , write it as an excercise so you get over your feelings and passion to write music into something like sculpting in rocks. write 3 variations , the first is a classical accompanying , the second one is a minor contemplating variation and the third one make it commentatory for the theme. write it with fuckin huge concentration eventho this piece is fuckin easy. u need to learn to write music before composing it and finally you can achieve to create music!
but now so you dont get my wordz wrong , classical writing i meant to be written in classical facture that doesnt mean you cant use a harmony of yer own , but be sure you do this harmony very wisely and not spontaneously. u may think this is very not artistic , but this is way to prepair your imagination and head to be creative in a decent way.
now good luck!

hahahha ranomdly i really wanted to quit this piece but did not haff da courage, but aftah readin yo post I do 8)

ic bettah what u r sayin: you haff to play scales n arpeggios befoh you play random Liszt, composition iz similah. respec

now i will find a theme 8)

yes exactly , im glad u know what i mean but i want u to know that the scales and arpeggios we do we can do them in a very good shape and touch with hunderds imagination how to do the scales and arpeggios and believe it or not they can be very interesting if you try to play them with art.really. so the simple things you do , u still can put lot of effort for the effect to be beautiful and logical and very artistic