HIgh Res Hororiwtz Scarlatti Sample - Now with exciting new poll!

How this sound?

Is Horowitz Scarlatti sample in high res. I left all the high freq stuff alone so you can hear the magical Ho tone stuff shimmering through, though a touch noisy.



not too noisy for me. Beaut



Hold up, I vil lizten to diz afta ma WIM :nigga: zonz playlizt finizhez

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After wim finishes The new profile pic below?


This is really fascinating.

I put this through the ultrasonic wash and you can now hear tape edits and the left right channel mixing with low end mic and high end mic which captured his bass sound so well. Also the piano sounds more like the ho Scriabin album piano than the euphonious blob I’m used to from the great sounding though not super detailed CD.

Will post more this weekend. Somebody should do a new A to D high res release like the insane nat king code reissues. Sony sucks a lot sometimes.

Who sound better?

Sony smooth and hairless style:

Fatty secret potion transfer and mild de-hiss

  • Sony ultra soft style good
  • Fatty ignore the garbage for detail good
  • They are both shit and fuck you!
  • Arbitrary decisions are a source of conflict I can do without.

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Sony sounds more dry, enclosed sound. LP transfer sounds more spacious.


ya thats basically it. Im sure the general pub will prefer the Sony. Only nerds like us getting wet for da fatty shit hahaha


My new cartridge still in Canada which should be huge step up. I got a nagaoke mp300. Will see what I can do with this album after this. Will also pick festin’s brain on how to defunkify stuff without losing detail then…

…longer term goal of partnering with my local warlord to displace melo guy from his collection and transfer in unlistenable hiss ridden beauty!

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Ok dudes… I’ve had a major breakthrough in the transfer saga thanks to a series of chats with a chemical engineer.

The hisss maybe down by half with no loss to detail now.

Stay tuned. I will post first release of Horowitz plays Scarlatti since the 60s this weekend minus the track I scratched to holy fuck.

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Here is a sample…

This may actually take a few weekends to get this right.

It’s like an entirely different and equally great interp on the LP before sony engieering. Be warned! It will sound like shrill shit on casual listening rigs.

The famous heavily beautified consumer Ho version:

The actual LP release he approved in as good a transfer as I can muster - zero EQ here just click removal and derumbling:

Hmmmm the Sony version sounds very closely microphoned; piano sound is like in your face. Lp has more natural piano sound for me.

I looked through the wave form. Sony levelled everything off ( i hear they do this so you can hear at low volumes ) put aftifically smoothed dynamics in and cut the high end (so its not shrill on most gear)

The cool thing about the LP is that we now know there is an INSANE master tape somewhere waiting to be thoughtfully transferred remastered. Even though LP kind of sucks as a medium.

The actual approved LP can be denoised further without affecting it, I’m sure. It’s also been cut off entirely above 32khz.

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I did the 32k lop thing… I saw a bunch of mirror looking things up there… I honestly don’t know enough about sound to know if they were noise or part of the signal. I’m thinking it was beyond capability of the stylus for sure but not sure. I’ll put another example up with the stuff in there to check out.

I’ll post a raw take as it comes off the table to see what is up there.

Human hearing doesn’t go that high up so it probably has little effect either way. The sound is good but I’m sure it could be improved, and I noticed a few ambient type noises in the first minute.

Btw, don’t trim too much off the front and tail ends of the wav before denoising: it’s a good idea to have a couple of seconds to construct the noise profile with.

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yeah if I listen close there is a couple tiny sub bass rumbles and a whoosh that I bet is some sort of wear.

1.56.6 fixed
3.38.8 maybe improved
3.43.4 fixed
4.22.8 maybe improved
Denoised, will ul now.


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