HJ Lim's Bach - Legendary or Sheeyat?

A very interesting choice of interpretation!

  • Just plain shit
  • Wikid tech…shit musicality
  • Wikid tech + uneven interp but moments of surprising musical gensui
  • Wikid tech + Profoundly musical, Bach would be proud

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I suppose the uneven option… But I REALLY dislike this girl.

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Her playing or personality?

No the playing of course. I have nothing against her per se.

Haven’t listened to her for years, didn’t care for her back then. Won’t revisit unless recommended by people whose ears I trust.

You’ve got to hear it to believe it, Brew.

True. :+1:

I misunderstood you above incidentally Comme - she plays well of course, it’s her complete disregard for the music which bothers me, or rather which makes her beside the point in everything she does. I detect no difference in her approach to Bach or Liszt, or even to an Etude vs a Nocturne. What you get is just the notes on the printed page, which she plays completely instinctively without a second of thought or reflection. I mean, the notes are there to express something - playing the piano, for me, isn’t just about the slickest way to push all buttons in the score.

I will try to listen to this later. Possibly even try to put aside preconceptions! My previous experiences have been that she has an unsubtlety which is actively bestial.

I couldn’t do more than dip in here and there, and everything I heard made me shudder.
Randomly, rezpec for da anti-WANG move of wearing a bin-bag as concert attire.

Diz chick is an absolute CG legend.
Massive rezpek fo her BARREN/Lezbo level memory

Only wiz ZLIT level easy rape tech to match dat genzui!


Listened to this a couple years back and thought it was god-awful

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She had too much mental and finger capacity… so everything sounds glib and also no perfection gene in there so it compounds the badness a bit

ahahahahah REZPEC :sunglasses:

ahahahah unzurprizinly

da zepp opinion of diz chick

lookz 10/10
playin 10/10


haha pozz da playin impactz da lookz fo da zynezthezic zepp brain :sunglasses:


Well, as I said before, diz chick looks like a female Zepp

Aaaaand I’ll leave it at dat.

ahahahahah mannnnnn

fo da zepp

da only zheeyat dat cud move her from 10/10 to a 9/10 iz if

DNA teztz zhow direct paternal/maternal link wiz da zepp :sunglasses:

ahahahahah diz zepp cg harzhly anticipated by da TRUMOFO :sunglasses:

Hahaha datz rite!

Also, sum of her LH pure rape slam motions, mannn, ok, diz chick def related to da zepp.

Da question is, is da HJ part Chinese

Or iz da zepp part TONY :sunglasses:
Where da fuck is tony btw? I suppose he has to live with the shame dat his GF is NOT an Aoi Tsukasa lookalike, as he claimed!


I lasted about as long as da TM in bed with a tranny. I agree with da Fatmofo, it’s just glib. I’m not going to listen to her again.