You have a whole topic for J. R? That is…interesting. In any case, glad to see your language patterns haven’t changed Comme, but now you inflict them on every single post it seems. Just thought I’d visit and see how silly this site actually was. :wink:

itz a bit more respecable den yoz 8)

Yeah I’ve realised that, that is why i visit. :wink:

stupid person like u mofo are very welcome,

ignorant person like u are even more welcome

and fuckah like u, enjoy da rest of da day ovah here



da warm welcome 8)

hahahahaha i undahestimated da FUUUUURY of da krit


Sorry to disappoint jew

Hmm… Is the sillyness to your satisfaction?

I’m disgusted. Foul language, nazi sympathizers, and pornographic material. O and furie, whatever that means. You sickos don’t deserve to listen to classical music, why don’t you stick to rap or hip hop or whatever your kind listen to, and crawl back under the rock you came from.
Da SDC don’t let me laugh.
The only people that visit this site are perverts and antisemitic racists.
I’m leaving now for a proper piano site, like piano forum where you scum are probably not allowed to come.

You have every right to be offended, but it’s not as if you weren’t warned. Your curiousity reveals more about yourself than you would have yourself believe. Not every member subscribes to all that the “SDC” emcompasses, and you know that very well, althought I believe your lust for righteous indignation won’t allow you to do so.

You say you’re leaving now, but you don’t even have a handle! You never belonged here in the first place! And yet you had to make your presence known - now why is that?

I myself was not aware of the pornography or the resident Nazi in this place, but I chose after I found out not to associate myself with those topics. No one forces you to compromise your standards.

In essence, a forum experience is what you make of it. If you leave, that’s truly excellent, but you could have left without uttering a word. Instead you chose to sneak in under the guise of anonymity and leave with the clamor of insults. A simple rebuke would have sufficed, but you chose to use venom. I don’t know what compelled you to do this, but why don’t you be honest with us and yourself and tell us why? There obviously is an agenda behind this.

Unleashed in peace,
Tha Man 8)

P.S. Note that I did not insult you, but my my words hold strength. It is so sad when people feel the need to hurl negativity towards that which they don’t approve of. Positive counsel does so much more than malicious slander. If you came to help us, you obviously subverted your own cause. You behavior reveals to all that you are no better than any. Again you know this, yet you still approached the situation as you did. WHY?

P.P.S If you’re reading this right now, then I truly have pity for you, because even after you find that you are not satisfied here, you come back. Are you so deprived of attention? My heart goes out for you.

P.P.P.S. Take it easy. 8)


what a mofo

a gay jewish mofo 8)

Some of the visitors are having trouble distinguishing between what is serious and what is not. This is understandable…As of late, I am too.

So Comme, played Alkan’s complete works yet?

undahstandable. 8)

Da SDC has ways of makin dem talk.

Sieg Heil

Hahaa, da cunt is probably a mofo who was banned from all the other forums becaus of his nazism and this is the only place he can come now.

Believe it or not, tried to register as da cunt, but was refused.
Then I tried fuck, shit, asshole, etc…
So to cut a long story short. I’ve never been banned, yet…

ic 8)

u undahztand da logic

hahahaha, no