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Paid for a trial to a newspaper archive will post interesting things if any next few days before closing out.

Da 1940 washington mention the rosenthal fill in for him at last booked concert.

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Unrelated but… why not?

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IC he was flaking out on an Australian tour now planned for 37

In later articles Huberman replaced him for ABC tour.

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Fuck the 1934 broadcast of Liszt Con 2 also had a live Petrushka in there.


Woh this looks new. Will post on that other group on the cyber psy op platform.

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Nov 5 1929… Talks about his Liszt Pag 1830s version programming. ?



Da how reviews. He use the words Peepo and Whoopee so it is solid. 1935 Gramophone

The 1941 Barbarolli was to save the free world.

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Hehe the Barere not be outdone by ho turning :us: added E to his name in 1941 as well.

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tiz almost 4am in da UK n mah zleep-deprived brain went ztraiught here:

Damn maybe he do mean it this way!

I think Ho named his poodle Peepo too maybe???

def subtext

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Da Ho learn and program the 6th sonata in 6 months max First pefs Jan 1942


Yeah truuuuu

Would be cool to hear Horowitz in da Prok 6 trash