Horowitz. Fake or True

I was taking a look into the New York Philharmonic Orchestra Collection and I found this.

I know that in that very day Horowitz performed the Rach 3 under Barbirolli. But what if the date is uncorrect?
Horowitz fake or true.png

I ask about this because few years later he played this one also. In this case there is no problem about the date (Volodya played with Toscanini the Op.83 on 23 October 1948); the problem is about its genuinity.

Could somebody give me more info?
Horowitz dubious.png

I believe that is the original acetates for the Barbirolli Rach 3, yes.
It was broadcast over the radio.

Most of the Horowitz live concerti performances in the 30’s and 40’s stem from radio broadcasts.

And about Brahms? In this case there is no superimpositions of date

I doubt it is Mittopulos.

I think it could either be the 1948 version with Toscanini or with Walter.
At any rate. I adore Horowitz but it would be hard to get excited about another 40’s Brahms 2. 8)