Hough plays Brahms PC #1


One of the greatest piano and most dramatic concertos
A very great pianist
Particularly great video of hands/face


1st movement(last 10 minutes):
youtube.com/watch?v=3TC2Wkv8 … re=related

2nd movement(last 10 minutes):
youtube.com/watch?v=aeiS_GyT … re=related

3rd movement(last 10 minutes):
youtube.com/watch?v=pt9KVYzZ … re=related

Comments on both the performance and video technique appreciated.

pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … 19545.html

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No one finds this performance thrilling? Of the thousands of youtube videos I’ve watched, I’ve personally found very few more exciting.

I’ll stick with Kapell’s.

Kapell is no 1. As for videos, I’ll take Freire over this by a LONG shot.

When/where is the Friere performance from?

Shit, it looks like it’s not on Youtube anymore. I guess I’ll have to post it.

It was from Japan, 2005 or so with the NHK Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrey Boreyko.

I’ll re-up. It’s truly fantastic playing - not particularly ‘thrilling’, but who needs thrilling?

It’s truly fantastic playing - not particularly ‘thrilling’, but who needs thrilling?

I don’t see how thrilling could be an inappropriate quality for a good performance of this highly dramtatic piece. You don’t like Hough’s recording or you just prefer Friere’s?

Why the need for sarcasm?

mmm… i think you need to look up the definition of sarcasm… I see no sarcasm in this thread.

Yeah, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I think the Hough is a fine performance. I like the Freire better.