How did yozelf dizcover da sdc?

ah, da Agent Smith haha

Tru, if he evah cums back…

da epic trumofo v candain duel end with an unexpeckted sheeyat.


Den I came on here wiz da topic “POST ALL YOUR RECS HERE”

I wasn’t super active then… don’t think. If I think of myself in 2007 being in front a computer would seem super ghey. :sunglasses: extreme nerd shit.

June 2005 tru.

Wow WTF is happening in dat pozt hahahaha I dont remember any of that at all
But tru dat all sounds more like you den moi hahahaha


Tru, I remember I thought “post all your recs here” was a great first intro thread


haha rezpec yo civilized turnaround :sunglasses:

maybe daTM guessed my password ‘boobz6969’


tru I apologize for mah inzenzitve words at yo @Dr.TM hahahah teenage TZ waz a little immature tru

Hahah it’s all gud