How much doez a cuntcert Penizt actually earn per performance?

Each penizt clearly different but wutz da :money_with_wings:

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Hahah I alwayz wondah how much da




Earn :sunglasses:

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In Norway, some tax information is publicly available. Leif Ove Andsnes made NOK 7,300,000 in 2017, which is a little bit less than USD 1,000,000.


Da OZCAR PETERZON wud apparently charge $1000 a minute :sunglasses:

Dang that renting Melania type cash!


I may now WITHDRAW ma zupport fo da ANTZNEZT

I thought he wuz a fuckin UNDAHDOG mofo


Frank zinatra charged 1m to be flown into da gold coazt, do 1 or 2 zongz and be flown out.


Hahah wut a cunt

But da Auzziez love a cunt :dango: :whale:

Cunt juz meanz friend in Auzzie

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How many concert pianists are there in the world? There are millions of concert pianists in the world.

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I didn’t get paid nearly enough for this :dong:


Iirc got £250 to 400 for raping da Chopfant, feztin, anothah kanet, a pimp TE and sum random trannies.


Refer to this thread and send them a bill for the remainder

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HAHAHA how do u fingah da RH chord at 9 zecz, Fb wiz da thumb alzo? :dong:

To be fair the photo was for a charity rectal and I don’t know what possessed me to construct such a demanding programme.

The other programme I don’t want to think about. My feztin wuz not good and da chopfant was so questionable I’ve never played it again.

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Either 12345 or my notation is sheeyat :dong: and I only play 4 of da notez…

I can’t remember haha.

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da ZPIRIT ov da :pimp: himzelf!

Genuinely u did him proud, he wud be proud dat u iz perpetuating hiz parazheeyat legacy. Rezpec :approved:

I iz actually cunzidahrin learnin one ov yo parazheeyatz, very pianiztically written and well crafted

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Which parasheeyat? I obviously have pdfs, but I’ve not proofread them (I proofread da solo conc score last year and was amazed at how many inaccuracies there were).

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Haha I enjoy every one ov dem.

In particular da Zonnambula mo concize den da Pimpz one

I love da Pimpz one but a bit ovah-long fo da material

Da Bob da Devil I enjoy a lot az an alternative to da Pimpz but da PIMP parazheeyat iz a maztapiece wizout a dull moment

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I think da Thalburglah ZONNAMBULA parasheeyat is, unusually, bettah den da pimp one.

Da PIMP BOB iz gensui.

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