I am about to have a mental breakdown

By listening to da :doc: live Bach/Liszt B-A-C-H…

diz iz sum serious sheeeeeyattttt…
Such braveau style and technique and the fury, da arp section just literally raped every pianists who played diz…

I think I am going insane listening to diz…


I have not yet heard this perf. PLZ 8)

diz iz sum private sheeeyat

not gonna post

msn me

hahahahahhahahaha FUCK

u bitch

Why do you get upsett when a pro pianist like Hamelin is better than you. I mean you cant always compare youself to pro pianists. When I listen to Pollinis or Hamelin or any other good pianists with extreme techinic the only thing I do is to get a smile to my face. There is no reason to get sad at leats not a mental brekdown. Hamelin is a exrtremely good pianist and you should respect that and don`t compare yourself to him.

-The Mephisto

hahahahaha and da doctah’s wife iz quite unattractive :doc:


bring da evidenza 8)

randomly tiz tha only pic i could find

but u see where i iz going with this

hahaha look how in love da doc iz.


da doc pozzibly had hiz spectaclez made by a charlatan optician 8)

Ronald McDonald did his wife’s makeup.

hahahah pozzibly