I am randomly gonna learn da "Faerie's Aire and Death W

mwahahahahhaha tru…da fact dat its 3 clefs makes it even more mofo

8) 8) 8)

tru sdc material, even better den da OC

learn this too:

awesome! I will fo sho!

daim da cg quartaer note = 788 tempo indic :chop: :kan:

hahahah awesome! I will learn it fo sho!


good shit

learn it

and record it

and post it

improvise on THOSE themes, trumofo. btw ther is a second page to the first one. ill see if i can find it.


dere is NOT a second page do da first one…says wikipedia.com

it is just a myth?

wikipedia is wrong. there IS a second page.

(there are 4 bars, including an alto cleff, so yeah…)

ahhahaha learn tha ROB Furiouz Farmah inztead

a BIT mo wikid :comme:

no, sir…YOU are wrong!

wanna fight?

fuck, i didnt read that wikipedia article. i am wrong. happy?

lol im jst kidding bro…

haha, i know. lets put this shit aside and learn one of these pieces.

hahahah tru