I came back from da ZIM's mofoish recital

Tiz tru

I have never had so much genzui and fury unleashed upon moi in such short period of time

My panty was soiled after da recital :comme:

Tiz iz da programme:
Mozart K330
Ravel Valse Sentimental
Gershwin 3 preludes

Chopin Mazurka Op.26
Chopin Soanta Op.58
Chopin Ballade 4
Some random Polish composition by a female composer

The Gershwin even though incredibly fast and accurate did not leave me too much impression (much like da Dre plays Schumann)

The Mozart K330 was played with such beautiful tone and agility (espectially those turns), but lack a bit in the playfulness. But beautiful nonethelsss. and interesting embellishment in the 2nd mvt.

Ravel was possibly the most sophiticated and calmly executed work in the whole programme. The ostentia (spelling?) base-theme of the last mvt was done with such excellency (much like Le Gibet), i was totally mesmerized. And one more thing about da Zim’s Fortessimo, it has to be one of the most comforting, non-harsh sounding but powerful FF i have heard.

DIdn’t really care for the Mazurka (rhythmically not strong enough for my taste)

But the Chopin 3rd sonata, I was BLOWN AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

The first mvt’s downward appreigous are done with such smooth action, he makes it seems like childplay. The inner voice are all brought out, his incredible pedal usage has made some of the phrasing totally ‘make sense’ to me (i suddenly undersatnd why Chopin wrote it like that) THe scherzo is just as excellent as the 1st mvt. 3rd mvt is some of the most beautiful and elegant performance of the night, Zimerman has displayed incredible ideas and layers in execution and avoided to be overly-sentimental. If Kapell is the ideal of 4th mvt, Zimerman would be the 3rd. The Finale, it is possibly the most controversial performance of the night. Some people critize the gradual accelerante (he started out really fast already) which I consider it’s a factor of psychological factor (he seemed extra-happy tonight, which doesn’t happen too much), and he was all hyped up. Of course Zimerman has all the technique one need to play this mvt anyway ones want. And Zim chose to do it with the so-called ‘MOFO’ interpretation, he didn’t use any rubato (except gradual acceleration), he brought out the quasi-fugue like strcuture solely by pedalling and layers and tone-color execution. Which is EXACTLY the way i wanted. So i was incredibly happy when I heard Zimerman did what I had in mind.

After the last note was sounded, I couldn’t contained myself but stood up and screamed ‘BRAVO’ like 3 times in a row. (People think i am crazy and i don’t care)

Everyone was so excited. After around 5 mins of furious clapping, Zimerman has bowed 3 time and came out with an encore, pronoucing the programme “Chopin Ballade 4”, everyone was overjoyed. (Obviously)

Ballade 4, the beginning was so beautiful, Zimerman has some of the most well-developed tone-color control mechanism. ANd he totally displayed that in the beginning theme and the contrapucal development latter on. Apparently Zimerman was a very sentimental person has he was very hyped up in the ending of the Ballade 4 and results in some technical errors (which is possibly the only ones during the whole recital). And I was a little bit carried away by the fact that he missed the top note of the climax right before the ending. But nonetheless an incredible performance.

After 10 mins of furious clapping.
Zimerman backed with a UNPREDICKTABLE encore, a piece VERY much like Ligeti Etudes (I thoguht that was a tribute to the recently passed mastero), it was so much like Ligeti that I thought it was some unreleased Ligeti work that Zim somehow got his hand on. It was technically flawless, above Hamelin live level(i ain’t kidding), with the obviously, conspiciously wikid Zim Tone-control (which is rarely seen when playing Contemp works), it has to be one of the most inredible and mesmerizing Encore.

After the recital Zim reveals that it’s a contemp work by a female Polish composer.

I have bootlged the recital (unfortunately not video, as i don’t have the equipment)
Maybe da superztar can help me with the encore.

Zim was very handsome too.

(I iz a bit in lov with da Zim, tiz tru)

respec foh da fact dat u have been to a live zim concert!!!

zo he iz bettah live dan on recs? I find his chop ballades to be extremely restrained but his liszt rec is feckin amazing.

so wut about a clip of da random encore ?

-da Meph

i shall post it in da trusted mofo section

and yes, he is more amazing live than studio (and i agree with the restrained part)

his private repotire is also 1000 times his concert/recorded one

am I a trusted memebah?

-da Meph

All I know is that his Ravel Left Hand Concerto is the pinnacle of perfection.

hey jeff

u left yo ztop watch in da kitchehn 8)

Jeff honey. im so glad you enjoyed this recital and i envy you a lot. isnt he ideal?

i believe the encore he played should be written by Grazyna Bacewicz right?

i have no words to add you already wrote much good about it :slight_smile:


I just found out it’s her 2nd sonata


i wish Zimerman record it.

u zee , da zupah iz geniuz…
juzt kiddin , bacewicz iz da mozt famous polish female compozers and one of da mozt famouz female compozerz in da world i think , i bet zhe ztudied wif da boulanger but im not zure.
zurely da Zim turn u on huh ?

o yes, dat handsome face with grey beard and hair

I wud hit it, randomly

I iz in love wif da Zim…

(Or am I?)

zurely u are me n me wife wud hit him 2

zurely u hadnt da opportunity to zuck hiz dongah?


fuck man, I just broke a string on mah Yamaha, and mah piano tuner left 2 days ago, for a month!!!

I am a dead man :open_mouth: :open_mouth: when mah mother sees dis…

He did record it! Well, to be more precise, he authorized the release of a live recital broadcast on Polish radio in 1977 in which he played the sonata. This was issued on LP but never made it onto CD.


da zim face reminds da kritty ov da uncle :ho:.

da :ho: was once listening to some mofo on da radio (:dong: typical :ho: habit) and was very moved by da playing, so he was curious to know who da pianist waz. Some mofo told him it was da zim. :chop:

Howevah, here da gensui cummah. 8)

da :ho: would very much like to invite da zim to his place and play for him, but then he latah realized
da zim has beard and diz annoyed da :ho: abit.


da :ho: then nevah mentioned any sheeyat about da zim again until hiz unexpected death.

hahaha da habit of da :ho:
tiz wuz mentioned in da Schonberg book about da HO’z fondnezz of da handsome looking malez.

Da uncle :ho: 'z gheynezz…


hahahahahahahaha da comme vil zhave tru :doc:

you still look sheeyat.