I got pain from Hanon exercises

OK, I forgot all my passwords elsewhere so don’t laugh. I got pain from doing too much Hanon. I’ve only been playing for a month. What should I do?

hahahaha, letz guezz

da doofuz? 8)

hahahaha, juzt dont play dem az much


you play too much
do some chops

fuck da gay advisez
da pain iz da companion of da tru sd
remembah da tru sd iz before all a high level athlete alwayz pushing hiz limitz furthah

Haha, yep. And if you haven’t broken a part of your piano yet, you aren’t playing furiously enuff.

(I haven’t :blush:)

hahaha actually datz rite, but itz preffered to do it in da CHOPETZ

hmm… me has broken one string on my own piano, and two on school’s pianos.
but me’s most proud of breaking the una corda pedale, on a school’s piano also 8)
me has no idea how it happened tho, but suddenly it just didn’t work 8)

i sumtimez break ma nail cuz dey get stuck in da thin gap between da black n white keyz. now dat iz painful sheeeyat 8)

hahaha wtf?
I haff yet to learn lotz of secret fingah techz from maestro zepp

k-nar, are you John Lewis Grant? If so, your moonlight sonata on pianosociety rocks. (You should have your own website and advertise.)

Well, I stopped the Hanon for a few days. My arms are way more relaxed. So, I’m playing again but I might buy a guitar to get my mind off the piano. I contacted an Eleca distributor to get a left handed model. Cool, they can get one to a store of my choice locally. :slight_smile:


im googlin diz john lewiz grant mofo 8)

You haven’t been to the Piano Society. Read this:
pianosociety.com/forum/viewt … sc&start=0

im banned 8)

aight, I’ll infiltrate tha PS and take photos of espionage fo you bad self. 8)

lessee if this works. Here’s Page One and Page Two.

hahaha respoec da manuz 8)

Dat’s rite 8)

Hey, do you think they’d accept my version of PF 5 from the Sheeyat Thread? 8)

dependz 8)

if itz sheeyat enuff, den yez 8)

hahahaha ic. Da comme haz no time for da Piano Society. 8)