first movement from prokofiev’s sonata n. 6

some fakes notes,

some fury,




:ho: :ho: :ho: :ho:


AHAHAHAA FUCKK respac tha NOR!!!

u hath shown FURY, but now u muzt learn tha 2nd mvt. to show yo CG n tha 4th to show yo SPEEED, thuz payin respec to tha Holy TRINITY if u vil. :ziff:

haha still tiz quite tha imprezzicv recording debut wit good msiclity n ph*azing 8)


i learned the entire SONG, da 2 3 4 vil be unleashed to mp3 soon

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK REZPEC DA NOR!!! i ezpecially enjoy da gensui random unleazhz in da middle.

but yo ovahall interp soundz lyk…

da norm :dong:

letz wait fo a ruthlezz critique from da tony 8)

FUCKK, respec :slight_smile:

da :ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum: :chop: :whale: :ho: :rudy: :dong: :kan: :brotha: :pimp: all agree

me thinkz me’z gonna learn diz, 2
me’ll ztart in, let’z zay, 2 monthz

diz or #7

me promizez me’ll make a rec wen me can crawl thru it fazt enuff

:prok: :ho: :stop:


n lackz notez in some placez.

n haz too many in othahz.

n not captivating.

n too rigid- more musik plz.

n play with pedal.

n more LH fury.


HARSH :confused:

if he wantz to improve his perf of dis piece den he muzt work on da thingz i zay. if u think dis iz harsh u shud haff seen sum of da reviewz i left on da 88ztreet. randomly got a membah to leave da forum 8)

hahah randomly i don’t see a rec to prove the value of your review. So, it’s a bit Sheeyat,

If we iz to go by dis logic, den 99% of every review of anything evah made is sheeyat. You can eithah randomly take mah advice n improv ur playin, or argue with me n not take it n stay sheeyat. Up to you; i dun give a fuck.

So, where r tha recordings of da skepto, such that we can evaluate it by hiz own meazures :wink:

Da recording iz not :rectum: or :ziff: but I was still very impressed!

unfortunately diz iz CORRECT if we define it mo precizely in a way dat u wizh wuz not tru:

“da authah of 99% of every review of anything evah made cannot make a bettah sheeyat den da sheeyat dey iz reviewing”

c da problem here?

u cant uze dat againzt da NOR becuz of ONE SHEEYAT: U iz ZTILL pretending to be a peniz.

if u admit u iz juz a wannabe m*zik critic who cant play da 88 fo sheeyat den dere wud be no argument n yo reazoning wud actually make senze. 8)


DA :comme: HARSH SUPPORTH :stop: :stop: :stop:

randomly you changed da subject about me. you seem to do dis a lot. do you have a skepto-fixation? i’m flattered but no thanx- i don’t date guys that look like gorillaz.


hahah da skepto refusez to argue logically but rather unleash some PERSONAL sheeyat

anywayz, I finally heard diz

diz decent :comme: