i need some random information..

i need some random information for test tomorrow… like which bach’s works whre for clavecin which were for piano or i dunno … and … hmm … what is different between the variations of mozart and variations of beethoven and their sonatas …
i need some proffesional terms dudes … i know whats going on in thoses pieces but any information about piano works of the barouqe , classical , early romantic era would help … any !!!

ok u mongs … i passed the exam and got one of the highest marks also…

hahaha da lack of help 8) :chop: :stop:


good! so you needed our help why?

cuz i thought i know too little , came out i know about schubert and beethoven much more than i thought i did … haha lol
ztill luckily i wasnt examined about the french and english baroque composers and shit … haha …