Ian Pace - Da biggezt pro rep bullzheeyat artizt? 🐮 🐄💩👨‍🎨


Diz mofo zumhow a LEGEND among :ghey: mofoz but

U randomly ztruggle to find any vidz/recz ov him playin any zheeyat dat don’t zound lyk a random mezz :lib:


Ahahahaha tru a random mezz

Not even a GUD mezz lyk da baby jezuz #10 zheeyat :sunglasses:



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AHAHAHAH da look of diz mofo!!!

Bazically a

Redneck DOC :sunglasses:


Hhaaha mann da title ov da piece cud not be any mo appropriate



Hahah da only redeemable sheeyat would be to

MEMORIZE that excrement


I was watching the page turner instead.


I have a faint recollection of a pretty good Busoni Piano Concerto with Ian Pace.

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Zhorly da page turnah inzpired diz deeply heartfelt interp :sunglasses:


Hahaha I predickt diz mofo a DECENT penizt but wud fail az a ztandard rep concert penizt

Bazically he very clevahly exploit da pretentiouz completely inzane market fo ‘nu complexity’ and otha modern muzik bullzheeyat n becummah a pro avante garde jazz improvizah / 25% accuracy ziterapizt :sunglasses:


Daim I wuz bein a bit generouz wiz da 25% :sunglasses:

She gets points fo looking serious. And not laughing full blast 20 seconds in

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Edit: dat chick probably haff no sense of humor. Wud not hit

Even da :hui: laughs when I tell her all da women on TV are trannies.
Sure, laugh, it’s not a joke tho

Hahahah all diz random h8 fo da contemporary 88. I tend to not like it much either but there’s folks that do. I guezz da SDC a bit… (zepp pause)… stuck in da 19th zentury :sunglasses:

edit: which is why I’m here too :sunglasses:


Ahahahah DAYUM when 2 legendz team up:



Dere are many living mofos dat I heard live, hu had a GLORIOUS tone

From da Gulyak n her crystal clear projection and unforced tone in all registers n sound levels

Motel had a very pretty tone, sumwhat of a 60’s Horowitz aesthetic

Trifonov had delightful whispers, many gradation of pianissimo and other gensui effects - best for smaller halls, not a big projection and lacks articulation. Very thick yet not dirty pedal. Pozz da prettiest pianissimo I ever heard live, and no una corda BS

Da Kozhukhin wuz genzui all ovah n had insane dynamic range without any harshness

Da :doc: had a flat, uncolored sound, quite small but clear. Very heavy use of una corda and to quote Nathan Perelman - una corda is like a narcotic, and if you use it all the time you play like a fuckin junkie

Randomly, da Una Corda a gensui effect not fo pianissimo but fo mezzo forte. Tiz like an offstage, muted effect.
But pianissimo relying on una corda does not carry in the hall

As fo da rec studio, una corda shud be used quite often to milk as much dynamic contrast out of the closely micd condenser bitchass recording anyway, everything generally sounds brighter than it is

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Off the top of my head I can only think of Schiff and Grosvenor who don’t use the una corda every time they’re required to play a pianissimo. I’m extremely sceptical about the idea of a pianissimo which carries to the back of the hall being something that the pianist has any control over. I think it’s just an acoustic phenomenon if it even exists.

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Yes! I like mf+uc. Pp+uc is very thinning.

The greatest pp I ever heard live was Lupu back in the day. It was a whisper but so finely controlled. I can’t say if it carried to the back of the hall as I was somewhere in the middle, but I suspect it did.