If you mofos had to live with just one recording

which one would it be?

Audio only: Friedman Chopin op 55 no 2 1936

Video: Aoi Tsukasa JAV debut video

Are we talking one track? One Album? Box sets included?

One single album.

hmmm, for a single album I guess I’d chose a recital recording.
Therefore it would have to be Lipatti’s final performance, which is my favourite recital.

I’d probably take Bolet’s '74 Carnegie recital, with the Chaconne, 24 Preludes & Tannhauser. That made a huge impact on me years ago.

For non-classical I’d take At the Drive In’s Relationship of Command (w/ bonus tracks).

I’d love to hear the Bolet recital.

I don’t have a copy any more but maybe someone here can share it. I first heard it in the Philips GPOC series. Been years since I last heard it, but what sticks is the sense of majesty, it was majestic, and I’m pretty sure it still is.

Found it on rutracker.

Which album would you take Danny?

My choice isn’t very exciting, it’s Gould’s 81 Goldberg Variations. He achieved in that recording what he once stated:

"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.”

One complete recital?

That’s easy - Richter in Sofia, 1958

Josef Hofmann playing the Chopin Concertos (live) - that never fails to inspire me and go back to the piano to practise again.

Yes, I love those too!
He’s still one of my favourite pianists.

This is hopeless… Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but the thing is that most piano recitals I’ve felt are “great” I’ve listened to so much that I’ve grown tired of them, and though my opinion is unchanged it’d be a fairly music-less life if I was only to keep one of them since I’m essentially done with them. I guess I’d pick something I felt was extremely interesting rather than extremely good, or just realize that music won’t be a big part of my life anymore if I could only keep a single recording and just pick something with great music played excellently.

For the former, probably something with late Sokolov. For the latter, maybe Zimerman’s DG CD with Chopin’s Ballades, Barcarolle & Fantasy… Or the 1984 Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble rec of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

I happen to agree with you that I’d have to reconcile myself to a life in which music played a much smaller role.

My question is just another version of the what’s your favorite genre. I just raised the stakes with the way I put it to force people to really choose.

You get used to it.
I haven’t played the piano in 3 years for example, after having wanted to make it my entire life.
Of course I can still live vicariously through concerts and recordings.

Zimmerman?! Are u kidding me?

I’d rather listen to FEI FEI DONG play Chopin, at least it is visually satisfying

Well, I’ll let you keep Fei Fei Dong then if I can have Zimerman =)

Ok! Agreed!

Tru, Fei Fei Dong is a fuckin master 8)