Im going to play poker tonight

with mah dick

da real BARRIZTA says:
HAHAHAHAHA ma printah randomly unfucked itzelf
da bald cunt says:
da real BARRIZTA says:
da firzt page of da scrib cummah
da bald cunt says:
da removal of da giant dong
da real BARRIZTA says:
hahahahaha da 2nd page struggling

u play hold’em? omaha? 7 stud? 8)

hahaha, da jussi pussi

hahahah tru 8)

u detective mofo

hahahahaha, neva undaheztimate da COMME

neva 8)

pozzibly 8)

but don’t ovaheztimate him too much eithah…


tru.ace (341 KB)

i mean no, only hold em. with no limit of kourse :ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum: :shrimp: :dong: :stop:

inzidentally i lost in the game i mentined in 4th, just before i would have won the mad dough.


yez…ic…tru 8)

of course no limit, fixed is sheeytaat