Im so fukin hungover...

i aint never drinking again…I promise…

my friends said last night I was beyond drunk…I was HAMMERED…they told me “imagine the fuking drunkiest u can…u were way way way beyond dat…”

yea im not feeling dat well right now… :comme:



remindz me of dat time when I drank a full 26oz. bottle of zambuca.


hahah me and a friend went on WILD drunken ztoned adventur lazt nite

daz why i get high :dong:

Were you drunk off da winez or da spiritz

reminds me of last night. and the night before, and the night before that, but not the night before that one. :confused:


AHAHAHahhhahah daim i dun undahztand thiz shreddah tactic

iz thiz a ROB dizz or hommage to tha BOLIVAH?

ic :lib: 8)

rob u iz fo’gettin da delicate izzue of recordin’ yo ROCKY zon 1 tru 8)

tru i iz relearnin it wit tha TRULONGDONG for a hopefully mo wikid interp :confused:

learn how to love yourself before you choose to love another, rob :shrimp:


az a experienced zubztanze abuzah tha VOLODYA sez…

aftah a night of hardcore partying take zum grapezeed extract befo u go to bed :doc:


alternatively juzt eat da whole fuckin grape wiz da zeedz in 8)

randomly da VOLODYA iz zeriouz enuff about hiz partying dat i tried thiz…

not da zolution tho :hoffman: