Imperfect MaztahPiecez

Wut are zum workz dat u LOVE partz ov but find incuntziztent n in need ov editing?

Particularly longah workz, in which u don’t necezzarily hate da rezt ov but tolerate to get to da WIKID partz

fo me -

da PIMP dobermofo firzt half juz ramblin but epic gensui in da 2nd half
da PIMP DANTE inzanely wikid firz zect fury den a zumwut letdown 2nd half
da Moonlight zonata mvtz 1&2 are gud but da 3rd juz rapez dem n I alwayz zkip to it

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haha I wud cut da :ghey: c majah part in da dobermofo :sunglasses:

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I agree about da pimp Dante and wud add da spanizh rappah fo da same reason.


I think Mahler 4 should have stopped before the last mov. It feels tacked on to moi.


Pimp gross concert solo
Maybe the late balakirev sonata
Myself… :sunglasses:

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Da :trump: presidency :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer the first version of the Dong Valley

I feel this way about many Romantic era Sonatas…love the shorter works and collections dere of, but the romantic style doesnt always play nice wit da long format…thinking of Rach Zons, Chop Zons, Tchaik, Schoo.
Exception for da PimpZon…no problem with dat!

pozz zacrileg but tha innah mvtz of tha KAN zymph dun really zay much to mahzelf or inzpir :frowning_face:

on a zimilah note tha DUKAZ zon haz zum inzane momentz alzo but then otha zumwhut zheeyat momentz/mvtz imo :shrimp:

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Haha da 1zt n 4th are by far da bezt tru but I enjoy da innahz

zpeakin da da KAN

da GRANDZON zhud be played in cuntzert az juz mvt 1+2 :kan:

da 3 n 4 ztill gud muzik but problematic juz cuz tiz zuch an anticlimadick dropoff

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That’s really interesting since the 4th movement was the first movement to be written which is why the other movements use material from it


I’ve said this before

The rambling opening of the Chopin Ball 4. :face_vomiting:

The cuck did not believe in changing registration n textures in thematic material. I guess he had da ZAND’s dong in his velvet alley

ahahaha where duz one draw da lyn between

an imperfect maztahpiece


a zhit zong wiz wikid partz

:lib: :sunglasses:


haha da lyn iz drawn when da MART TRANZ

endz up wiz zub 33% ov da original material :sunglasses:

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Ahahaha u realize da DANTE MART TRANZ iz a 2min zheeyat :sunglasses:

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haha da MART tranz ov da Chop 62/1 a

zub 1 zec zheeyat fo dat 1 random zcale unleazh :sunglasses:

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haha da matchah MART knowz how to recognize A-clazz moizt :sweat_drops:
da 62/1 mart tranz iz da B part

whreaz da :pimp: lieberztraum mart tranz = cage 4’33 :sunglasses: