important - read

da sdc site vill be shut down for i-dunno-how-long around 9 pm pst tonight so we won’t have any gaps in da db after transfers. hosting iz expiring - if u wud lyk to help out plz contact mah-bad-self (not dat any of u wud give a sheeyat anyway?). i vill try mah best to make da downtime as short as possible.

ill write an email … actually i have 10 gigs and 30 gigs transfer a month and a domain if u want … huh ? i can really help as i dunno … i wanted to make a forum for da polish mofos but it doesnt work … there are no polo mofos in the world i bet … except moi … hihi … but u should tell me about the copyrights etc… i really have be shoe jail is not waitin foh mah bad self …

vil u back up all da sheeyat?

I iz waitin fo ur azz on da mzn :rectum:

hahahahaha, da mart anticipation


u do konw that i live in california rite…

hahaha i thought you lived in australia.