Info about upcoming Friedman/Tiegerman Arbiter set:

email from Allan Evans:

“June-July release. Two unissued/unknown Friedman selections; and a good half hour of additional Tiegerman with all earlier material remastered.
It is a 4 cd set retailing as a 3 cd set. The 4th disc will have scans, mp3 files of spoken reminiscences, and more.”

I was hoping for a bunch of new Friedman stuff, but I guess any new Friedman is good enough. Hopefully it’s something substantial like Chopin Ballade 1 or Bach-Busoni Chaconne or something.

It better be. I just keep telling myself the new Friedman performances are of junk like ‘Rush Hour in Hong Kong’ so I don’t get let down. (somehow though, I think if they were like that, he’d have come out and said that the new issues were not substantial additions to the discography).

Bal 1 or Bach-Bus would be insane. Don Juan would be the holy grail.

Liszt Sonata is highly expected!

what makes you think so?

Yeah, there’s absolutely no reason to believe it would be the Liszt sonata…

dude, not cool.

(but zeriouzly, dat piece iz pretty fun)

the 2 new performance are

Liszt Campanella (with ending intact) recorded January 21, 1924
Chopin Polonaise Op. 53 recorded February 28, 1933

these were both listed in the discography section of the book.

Mr. Evans mentioned the Campanella on Pg 110 of the book:

“An earlier approved recording of Liszt’s “La Campanella” that remained unpublished was recently discovered. It is of greater significance than his well-known published performance as it contains the final phrases, which were not played at the session in which his published record was produced, and which allows one to hear his articulation with the last page’s ambiguous syncopations.”

The Chopin Polonaise Op. 53 is mentioned on page 339 - in the discography, and it has an asterisk next to it, meaning that it will be appear on CD.


Very likely.

I (and most Friedman fans) would probably buy the whole 5-cd set just to hear him play the last page of La Campanella.

A tiny bit disappointing, though, given all the secrecy and speculation.

I posted some Friedman piano rolls that are great - not like the crap that they put out on CD recently.

I hope that I am wrong, and that the recordings on the CD contain some new repertoire. The Tiegerman recordings definitely contain new repertoire - 30 minutes of material!