Italian Opera Transcription

Can any of you mofos suggest any sort of ITALIAN opera transcription that’s around the 5 minutes or less mark?
Pimp Rig and Busoni Turandot are out, gone through most other Liszt stuff, mostly too long. I’m desperately trying to avoid a shitty reduction for a solo spot.
Is there a decent arrangement of Cavelleria Intermezzo?
I can’t imagine it sounding good on piano in the first place but it’s a popular opera classics concert and they want something well known.

There are a few arrangements of the Mascagni on IMSLP, but I have my doubts that they are particularly effective.

Off the top of my head - Liszt, the sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor is about five minutes (there’s also Leschitizky for lh only, but whilst it’s mostly ok, the middle page is a bitch). The most famous thing I can think of which is both a decent arrangement and about five minutes (really it’s likely to be more like six) would be the Thalberg setting of Casta diva, which might do nicely and is readily learnable.

There’s also Thalberg’s A te, o cara, which is slightly shorter but less famous. Both are from L’art du chant, op.70, whilst I’ve looked through the full thing I’m not, offhand, totally au fait with its contents - there are a few Italian settings in it, including a Donizetti barcarolle - but my recollection is that I thought the two mentioned to be the best arrangements.

There is an improvisation by “Artur Cimirro” on O mio babbino caro but I have no idea if there’s a score extant. Tbh it surprises me that I’m not aware of a decent arrangement of it, but I suppose it comes chronologically after the rash of 19th century paraphrase-writers. You could write your own…

Also about five to six minutes would be to play the theme and variations section of Thalberg’s Moses Fantasy as an entity of its own - it’s the G min variations on Moses’ prayer (Dal tuo stellato soglio) and it’s very effective.

Hope that helps.

Maybe check out da Robbah Godfathah fantasy. Whilst it may be way to long maybe you could split it up for yo prog.

Hope I could helped :dong:

Link to Robbah Fantasy - I’m intrigued. :mrgreen:

I have suggested the Pimp Lucia. I was sort of avoiding it coz the first few pages are freaking horrendous but I do like it we’ll see how that goes.
Will look at the others, thanks!