Ivo Pogorelich

What do you think of him?



nuff zaid


One of my 5 least favourite Pianists. I don’t klike him AT ALL.

who had that story where they was a random judge at a comp and pogorelich’z wife wuz on da jury aand told him there wer 3 great pianist in all of the 20th century - Rachmaninoff, Horowitz, and Pogorelich


I like Pogorelich. especially his Prok 6 and Scriabin.

-da Meph

His Prok 6 is only ok, imo. Richter is light years ahead, and others like Lugansky, Bronfman, Sandor or Chiu are better as well, imo.

Same goes for his Scriabin. I’ve definitely heard better.

But those are among the pieces he actually plays well. If we were to talk about his poor recordings we’d be here all day.

His late Brahms stuff - TERRIBLE
Haydn Sonatas - way too fast for no reason
Chopin Preludes - quirky and not enjoyable in the least
Beethoven Op. 111 - candidate for worst beethoven playing EVER
Liszt Sonata - Wow, is this actually the liszt sonata? I don’t recognize it :frowning:

Don’t even get me started on his RACH 2

I really like Pogo’s Scarlatti actually. His Gaspard’s really good too.

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hahaha from a random recent nazi intahview : http://www.welt.de/data/2006/08/21/1004562.html

WELT: Wie haben Sie den Tod Ihrer Frau überwunden?

Pogorelich: Selbst im Tod war sie noch die Prinzessin, als die sie geboren wurde. Sie hatte Leberkrebs. Als sie starb, explodierte die Leber und in ihrem letzten Kuss überschüttete sie mich mit schwarzem Blut. "

da Mart tranzlation :

Queztion : How did u overcome tha death of ur wife ?

Pogo : Even in the death she waz still the princezz she had alwayz been since she wuz born. She had a liver cancer. As she wuz dying, her liver explozed, and in a last kiss she covered me with black blood.

da pogo inzanity reazon revealed :kan:


his rach 2 is ridiculously slow


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i lyk hiz zcarz recordingz altho nofing comez cloze to da abm in zcarlatti


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i randomly like Pogorelich, his bach english suites are fantastic, the chopin scherzi are insane (and quite musical, just not conventional) and his liszt sonata is one of my favourite, tru