iz da SDC gettin worze, or bettah?

hahaha, wud u?

  • tiz juz az gud az it eva wuz
  • tiz juz az SAHEEEEEEEEYATz az it eva wuz
  • tiz a bit bettah
  • tiz lozin itz appeal a bit
  • tiz randomyl sheeyat now, fo sum reazon, but i uzed to lyk it sumwut

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tiz a concern

if worze, tell wut can be done to imporve

if betta, explain y

n if u dun gif a fuck, randomly, try to care, cuz it hurtz when ppl dun care :comme:

hahh i told you

we need a separate sections for noobs (essential recs., intro of legendary penis, composahz and membahz)

a better banner and front page


less sheeyat memberz

make a detailed propozal, explain precizely every sheeyat

den i vil conzidah it

“tiz juz az SAHEEEEEEEEYATz az it eva wuz” iz mah final anzwer.

8) :dong:

me agrees wit dis idea 8)

so tru.

-da Meph

da front page cud be da noobz intro site

in english pozzibly

I may work on dat

da SDC today iz a bit lyk da 88society when it turned from elite to global
we haff to be sho tiz wut we want

hahaha we iz spreading out…

as an unfortunate result, da average intelligence of membahz iz gradually declining…

but fuck, i sometimes like to go for quantity, rather than qualitiy

wut we need iz mo mofo compz wiz live streamz 8)

i say 8)

tiz lozin itz appeal a bit

hahaha i randomly can’t get enough of it.

tru 8)

mah only suggeztion iz a HO emotisheeyat, n tha HUNGz new bannah.

n mo CG, tiz in a bit of a slump hteze dayz.

i believe CG is risin, so bettah dere, but random fights and hostility is also risin so down dere…