Iz it pozzible to be a DEEP ARTIZT wiz a zhallow vacuouz perzonality?

Afta watchin da Yuja Wang fo yrz now I haf found her playin to be ztellar and yet when I zee her in interview zhe zeemz lyk zuch a vacuouz perzon, zeemz to not talk zo much about deep zheeyat and mo about zhallow zheeyat n makez her zeem mo lyk a cliche popztar den a deep clazzical artizt.

Alzo da zame iz tru fo da TIFF POONANI

zeem lyk meaninglezz cutezy zhallow zheeyatz dat haf zero perzonality or depth

Diz make me think dat maybe dey zpend zo much tym on muzik dat dey pour out deir DEEP ZIDE …within deir muzik tym, and deir zocial tym iz a tym to decomprezz and be vacouz fo a change

I juz look back to da HO n da ZIFF n da RECTUM back a century ago when dey were up n cummin n dey zeemed lyk good humoured well rounded individualz but very zeriouz and pazzionate about deir craft

da modern age ov WANGz n POONz juz zeem doubtful dat deze biatchz vil mature into interezting perzonalitiez to actually hear in interviewz


It’s obvious from da :zif: memoiahz dat he wuz an intelligent mofo and well-read with it, to say nothing of living a life in the midst of more turmoil than the vast majority of us will ever experience (thankfully).

But da poon mentioned in da cuntext of deep arztitztry? Ahahahahaha fuck wut CG :tmfury:


But it begz da queztion - do u haf to live a life dat iz full ov deep perzonal revelationz and feelingz to apply it to depth of feelin n interpretive artiztry in muzik?

To cuntrazt diz - da DOC zayz all da info u need iz IN DA ZCORE

But zum wud argue hiz playin iz zoullezz :sunglasses: :fuckkk:

I think that opening your mind and, for lack of a better word, “soul” to external, extramu*ical experiences will almost always benefit the “spirituality” or whatever of your 88 playing.

I don’t regard da :doc: as more than an extremely efficient, highly accurate button-puzhah if I’m gonna be honezt, and think that the clozezt he getz to emosheeyat in muzic iz by dizzimulating it, but that’s very much imo, of course.


Haha n yet da TRUMOFOZ fav HO recz iz from da 30z befo all hiz inzane mental health zheeyatz dat zhorly brought mo ‘depth’ n maturity to hiz perzonality n zoul

Zo u cud pozz argue dat in zum wayz maturity iznt everyzheeyat n dere iz a lot ov value in da pazzion ov youth

Undoubtedly you get loads of turgid “mature” recordingz which are juzt plain dull. Are da TM’z fave ho recz favourite on da baziz of tech, emotional impact, a combo of both, or what? I’m not saying emotional crizez automatically benefit your playing, aftah all I don’t think :zif:'z recz improved aftah hiz zon died.

Incidentally, who am I to cumment, but if da :doc: thinkz all the info you need iz in da score, then I think he’z full of shit.

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Vacuouz mofoz tend to play in a mo priztine ztylee, lyk da YUJA

Deep artiztz prefah RAPE:

Lyk da HJ, KatPunani, PLATE etc :sunglasses:


Ahahaha fuck da HJ def no deep artizt, but a mazzive rapizt ztylee fo sho.

In fact, if dere iz such a thing as a penizt’z penizt, den I’d say da HJ iz da rapizt’z rapizt.


Haha da Zepp muz be da MARIANA TRENCH ov da 88 world :blowfish:

now da handfizh origin ztory cummah cleah :japan::tropical_fish:


drumroll please ----------------------- it shows in her interpretations. Everyone here is dazzled by her playing, but her musical ability in Chopin & Beethoven & Schumann is sometimes worse than average.

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Ahahaha alzo keep in mind DEPTH iz not da be all end all of artiztry

In fact, a mofo dat go TOO DEEP

Iz uzually full of zheeyat :sunglasses:

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How can her brain n fingaz haf zum a huge capacity fo tech n muzical memorization n ztill not find any way to exprezz tru feeling n meaning thro it?

Zeem zumwut anomalouz to haf zuch a gift n no way to do anyzheeyat mo profound wiz it

“An easy life doesn’t necessarily produce a deep artist”


Ahahahahah anotha zheeyat about DEPTH iz dat

It uzually cummah from a ztruggle againzt adverzity

Related emotionz r uzually negative n deztructive lyk

Jealouzy, vengeance, vindicktive fury, zelf-righteouz indignation etc :sunglasses:

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Tru but alzo tru :sunglasses:

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Go deep, and go zlow :stuck_out_tongue: :wim:


This adversity thing makes sense. A disproportionate amount of greats were gay or Jewish in tough areas or just from a tough background. Think it has more to do with the persuasive qualities of an iron will.

As for Yuja clearly a great artist Who worked away much of her younger years trying to seem normal. Will pass or she’ll go full Michael Jackson and probably be better than ever. #bubbles :monkey:


not all mofos reveal deir innahmozt thoughts in intaheviews tho

da private lyf is different from da sheeyat dat iz shown to da public

we dun see da hardship dat wang goes thru every day, aftah being forced to take female hormones at age 13 and tucking her cock in before zhe raised enough funds fo da full-blown vagine


haha and don’t forget doze azz implantz which let her sit practising for longer.

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