Jack Da Ripper

Othawise known as da Gibbonataur

Dis mofo’s Alkan op39 is a SD classic. He played dis sheeeeyat complete & live back in 96 at sum backstreet ho house in Oxford. I can’t imagine what dat would’ve sounded like, coz in studio da mofo is already seriously outta control. Dere are in fact, live recs documenting dat event. It is believed to be da largest numba of notes eva unleashed upon a willing public.

He’s also recently survived an SD accident. So RESPEC fo dat too. 8)

hahaha, plus respec fo da comedic genius of his ‘look’ at da piano -da super-happy-smily-guy mofo stylee , respec 8)

Dey should film him playing da KAN 35/5, dat would be da definitive comedic footage EVA, maybe even eclipsing da shrimp & Jay Chow 8)

According to Ed Cohan

he is supposed to be one of the best Gershwin pianist alive.

dats rite

dats all ed knows about him, ed repeats da same facts ovah and ovah - which gives ninsight to da basic fact dat he knows fuck-all

yes - dis is a diss of da ed 8)