James Ehnes - Paganini Caprices

James Ehnes is a Canadian Legend. This is possibly my favourite rec of the Caprices… sometimes Rabin just feels too mechanical.


I have Ehnes’ Bach Solo Violin Works too. Will post if there’s any interest.

Re: Rabin the later set yes, the earlier one, certainly not.


(these are fantastic, btw)

Yeah, the Early Rabin is simply untouchable.

man, check out amazon.com reviews about paganini caprices. 80% of ppl there consider perlman version no.1.

I have no problem with the Perlman, but I would never put it at no. 1.

tru Ehnes iz a legend, I saw him live a few monthz ago. He played sum Tchaik: da Sérénade Mélancolique & Souvenir d’un lieu cher.

Thanks, yo! Holy cow.

These are great- if you haven’t put up the Bach, it’d be great to have

FYI: He recorded these when he was only 18 or 19.

Many thanks! Seconding a request for the Bach.

K, it will follow shortly.

I’ll post Szeryng and Milstein’s sets too, which I consider to be No. 1 and 2, respectively.

Oh HELL yes. :smiley:

Speaking of Milstein…anyone have his Bach Solo Violin stuff they’d be willing to upload? All I have is the D minor Ciaconne which is easily the most stunning recording I’ve heard of that piece.

damn where’s my head at today!

Thanks so much, man.

I bought the Ehnes Bach, and its awesome (cost me $30 cdn tho)

Cost me like 5 bucks at emusic.com

haha…woofah, u pozz want to re-consider the way u place ur payment online next time.