Janacek son sheets

Does anybody have them? I’m going to play this shiznit 8) .



and also threw in a rec of andsnes 8)

Tru, I need to learn this bad boy. SUCH a great piece.

I like this music. 8)

respect for the up

Thanks! Already had the Andsnes, nice rec :slight_smile: . I also like Austbo’s recording.

Thanks didnt kno thiz :blush:

is this the andsnes rec? how the fuck have i not known this piece before? what a beautiful and unique work

I’ll post the Firkusny rec. It’s the best by a long shot, imo.

thanks for that. i generally like andsnes but can’t agree with several things he did in this particular rec

its quite a shame that the 3rd movt was discarded. i would have loved to hear or see that.

+1; Berman’s is also very beautiful.

Berman’s is surprisingly good. I expected it to be one of his classic piano rape recordings, but the playing is quite noble and melancholic. Randomly I’ve heard that Schiff’s recent Janacek disc is quite good. But even if it is, I don’t care. I blindly hate him and everything he does.

Both Goerner and Lugansky have been playing the Janacek Sonata and there are videos from Verbier of each. Both are excellent.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a RARE recording of Richter playing the Janacek Concertino - not sure if I’ve posted it here before though. :rectum:

How is the Kocsis recording?

I wasn’t aware he recorded any Janacek.

Maybe it was on a bootleg list I was glancing at and was mistaken; I’ll have to double-check.

I’m curious that the manuscript for the 3rd movement isn’t still around somewhere. I’m very close friends with a world expert on Janacek who has access to the Czech National Achieves, I’ll see what he has to say on it.

supposedly janacek threw the manuscript for the 3rd movt into a river. i dont think there are any copies of it lying around, but hopefully i am wrong and there is one somewhere.

On wikipedia it says he burnt the 3rd movement before the first public performance. He then threw the manuscript for the other 2 movements into a river after the first public performance, but fortunately Ludmila Tuckova who premiered it, kept hold of a copy of these movements. So I think its safe to say the 3rd movement is truely lost.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound good, I have to admit. But there must surely be at least sketches/copies of the manuscript. I live in hope!