take it away - da jeffmeistah -

What can I say?

I am most honored to be granted the privilege of wandering in da SD dream-land. Sumerging into da sea of da octaves and thirds, only thing dat can resque me from da inevitable-nutsackness is da light of da SDC. Cziffra as da Holy Father, Hamelin as da Holy Son, Rectum as da Holy Ghost.

Even it’s fruitless, I shall practice at least 4 hours a day in order not to bring shame to da SD.


now unleash yo jeffisms!!!

Clifftoris Curzcunt
Alfredo Bend-over
Alfredo Cordom
Anal-o U-go-ski
Arcade Voodoo
ArThug Rubing-stein
Buy-Ron-A Anus
Earl Like it Wild
Alexander GraysCock
Emilk GayLo (I am really sorry about this one, he is my favorite pianist)
Johnny O-Dong (Johnny = Penis, Dong = Penis)

hahahahahahahaha, da ogdon is just one double-long cock!


All hail da genius of da Jeff 8)

concurred 8)