Jerome Rose

VAI is releasing two DVDs of Jerome Rose playing Schumann and Liszt. Is anyone familiar with his playing? Comments please.

I forget who but zumone on thiz zite iz quite fahmiliah wit thiz mofoz playin :whale:

da trumofo studies under him if i remember correctly.

Even though he is not particularly highly rated, I consider Jerome Rose to be highly over-rated. Especially since Dubal recommends a number of Rose’s Liszt recordings in ‘The Art of the Piano’. He and Dubal must be golf buddies or something…

Well, I’ve heard from my friend who listen him a lot (Brahms 3rd sonata, Chopin sonatas, Ballades) that he is very good, but still, it really depends which day is it and which composition he plays… I listened him in Zagreb (Beethoven op.31/3, Schumann Fantasy, Liszt Ballade and Mephisto 1) and it was not-so-good… (bad actually…)

yeah, from what ive heard of him, he is rather middle of the road. ive only heard a few that have outright repulsed me, but most stuff is just very inoffensive, but doesnt really catch my ear. just another standard piano professor, if you ask me.

right, which is the most offensive thing to listen to, more than an unschooled or overly-interpretive pianist, naturally…

haha all hiz zheeyatz iz on Spotify :tm:

I heard him the most awful and ugly Schubert C minor sonate possible