Jose Iturbi - Seriously

Does anybody have any early Iturbi recs other than the Mozart sonata and a few other things pretty well available. I learned he was one of the first to play the complete liszt trannies at Carnegie hall and the Ho had respect for him before he went a little heavy into schtick…

I have the latest APR release: … r_7307.htm

…but I can’t upload a decent quality right now and I don’t have a scanner.
If you really want to have, you might consider…buying the set yourself! :doc:

It’s definitely worth it, if only for the Spanish music.

Yeah those recs are great fun. Sort of curious if there was broadcasts outside of the rca known recs there

Reason being this rec where he said he played 20 imtes on bell telephone hour. Maybe shreds a mazeppa on there with them curly fingers

Hey, that’s very interesting! :astonished:

Looked up the Bell Stuff in the NYPL listings.

Iturbi in Mendelssohn G minor and Fantasy, Mozart K466, Liszt Hungarian Folk Concerto, Ravel Ondine, Rach Rhaps Paganini, Isle of Joy, Beethoven 4, Debussy Fantasie for P and O, Rach Humoreske,

I hope someone can eventually share or publish all that stuff!


Yeah, wtf.
I’ve seen that program.
Could he even handle the complete TEz? 8)

The problem with Iturbi is that many people stopped taking him seriously when he started doing a lot of Hollywood movie stuff from the 1940s including a lot of “light” music. It’s true that his playing also deteriorated somewhat.
But in the early 1930s he was certainly one of the great pianists. No doubt da Pimp Carniggah dentals (1930) must have been very good. Too bad nothing was recorded.

AHAHAHAHA bazically


REZPEC diz mofo 8)

I estimate his complete TEz az

4 TRIFZ out of 10 8)


ahahahaha mannnn

now y do i feel lyk diz mofo vil unleazh…

a ZOVIET-ZEPP lyk kangaroo-jump move on da pimp-zepp oct zkip zect 8)

Rubinstein wrote in My Many Years that some chick who whored herself out TM style to him in exchange for a dress mentioned that Iturbi had “good fingers”, although she might not have been talking about piano. 8)

He certainly loved da chicks. :stuck_out_tongue:
But to go back to the “seriously”, his early recordings are seriously good. :wink:

I haven’t listened to Iturbi in literally 15 years, but I also have good memories of him - and it was a little piece by Albeniz which first caught my attention with him.

I don’t have the APR set, but it was posted a few months ago in that blog someone recently linked to. Maybe someone snatched it from there? Regardless I’ll definitely pick up a copy of it in due time myself, I’m just so overwhelmed with great things to listen to already that buying even more stuff hasn’t been a priority of late.

Incidentally, while I don’t have APR I have several other earlier issues of his CRs. They’re just compilations, and transfers will likely be significantly worse than APR, but in lack of that set I can rip the discs I have if anyone wants them.

Hey, it’s the 21st century.
I gotta whore myself out until I see results.

The concept of whoring oneself out has been around for a while I daresay. :wink: