Jredmond live 9-12-10 (Ligeti, Schubert, Janacek, etc)

Screw it, I’ll post the whole rec. Program as follows:
Live, 9-12-10, Waltham MA (Brandeis University)

Schubert - Sonata no.1 in E Major [unfinished], D.157
Ligeti - Musica Ricercata nos. 3,4,5,7,8,9,11
Janacek - In The Mists

Scriabin - op.69/1
Bach-Redmond - Komm, Susser Tod

lesdjinns.com/dasdc/jredmond … -12-10.rar

ahahahahaha rezpec thiz perf :gav:

really enjoyd liztenin :rock:

rezpec da robbah

whole rectal added! link in 1st post

rezpec for playing janacek!! i’ll listen to this later though don’t have any speakers here

tru, I’m dloading now. rezpec

The schubert is excellent. Will listen to the rest tomorrow.

I enjoyed the Janacek. Never heard it before!

haha respec da Lig7 dual-tempi attemp. LH can always be a little faster :wink: but respec da independece, pozz u haff gud brain :doc: :doc:

respec da transc also

unlike most people who i hear play the piece recently, i just know how to count :dong: