Kapell new Marston release


any interest?

I can post it tru

I’m interested in hearing the Schumann quintet.
I love that piece.

posted u mofo 8)

Ordered it. Haven’t got it yet. Really mostly interested in the Burleske.

That’s a piece I haven’t really been able to get into.
Come to think of it I don’t really know Strauss apart from Also Sprach Zarathustra.


Till and Death and Transfiguration are two of my favourite pieces!
Love the Violin Sonata too. I guess you have to have a thing for overblown Romanticism (Then you move to Karl Marx for even more)

Burlesque is really well played with some extreme pianissimo like Horowitz.

The acoustics sound dry so it sounds underpedaled while it isn’t.

That Burlesque was posted on the Arbiter Recs site for free a while back, probably still up.

Cool, I’ll check em out.