ken tezz banned

treazon, blazphemy





haha fuckk

i thought ken is a nice boy with orgy obzession 8)

no, he’s just a fucking psychotic retard.

hahaha, anotha fuckin admin unbanned hiz azz

it was da mart i believe. ban dem both.

dat wud be sacreligiouz, n unnecezarily brutal

n so i shall 8)

hahaha wtf?



hhahahaaha i alwayz thought tha mart looked a bit different.

instead he randomly lookz lyk a kid i used to bum cigarettes off in highschool.


hahahaha finally!

hahaaalooola! he’s a bit random! if u met him in-person youd know the only tru way to see da full extent of his fury is to dizz his height. lol fuck haff u hurd his theory on homemade abortions? GENSUI

  • da GENSUI

dey didn’t want to let me in da casino
I had to show mah ID :imp:

Some prick did the same thing when i tried to play lotto. :imp:

Didn’t get too mad, cuz it means I’m aging gracefully. 8)

I could never be mad at a prick like that. 8)

da mart



Iz dat boliver allimon?

hahahah diz iz shameful