Kleiber Beethoven 7 Concertgebouw

This is a very famous Kleiber performance that has been preserved on DVD, generally regarded as Kleiber’s best Beethoven 7th. I ripped the audio from my DVD into mp3, as a result it’s easier to listen to on the go. I also removed a section between the 2nd and 3rd movement where the audience goes crazy with the coughs and the orchestra retunes. I felt like this interfered with the atmosphere of the piece.


btw does anybody know whether DTS or DD or PCM audio is best for DVD? When I ripped this audio, I had the option of 2 channel PCM or 6 channel DTS. Randomly the DTS sounded a lot harsher to my ears so I went with PCM.

DTS is for when you have a multi channel setup. PCM was the best choice for converting to Mp3.

True, this is a hell of a performance. I like the Salzburg one a lot too.