Landmarks of Recorded Pianism … of-pianism

“This release features a collection of what might be called piano orphans: commercial and non-commercial recordings of great pianists that simply have never found their way onto compact disc. Among these treasures are fifteen minutes of Dinu Lipatti playing Scarlatti and Brahms that have only recently surfaced; an unpublished disc of Alfred Cortot playing the “Russian Dance” from Petroushka; and previously unpublished excerpts of the Tchaikovsky first piano concerto played by Vladimir Horowitz with the Philadelphia Orchestra, recorded during a 1932 concert conducted by Fritz Reiner and recorded as an experiment by the Bell Telephone Laboratory. This is Horowitz’s earliest known concert performance and is in amazing sound for that time. It is unfortunate that the entire concerto was not recorded, but hearing these excerpts will be a revelation for Horowitz fans. Also included are live concerto performances by Lev Puishnov and Guiomar Novaes.”


Coming late April 8)

hoo iz da PUISHNOV? gunna check diz mofo out

if iz end up bein legendary den da zkep preemptively dub him da PUSSYNOVA

dayum diz iz zum PEAK golden age

not alvayz da prettiezt, but da zkep approve of diz ztormy interp

ahahaaa da 2:20 8)

fuuuuuuuuuuck NO PAZZ, diz da mozt CG interp ov diz moi evah heard. da zepp wud be proud

Pouishnoff’s early recordings (from da 1920s) are the ones to listen to.
The Mephisto was done in the last year of his life and he wasn’t in great shape anymore.
This however is elegant & brilliant:

10x bettah den da Ho at dat age