Leonid Kuzmin

pozz one of the most random pianist i have heard

some of the best technique ever, i have some scattered mp3s of his (islamey and others romantic stuff), some of the best finger work ever

but suddenly he is like fell off from the surface of the earth? I heard he won some competition before right? and released some CDs, any one actually has any CD of his?

i just randomly remember this dude becuz i stumbled across his carmen video

pretty interesting Schubert Liszt waltz

that carmen is pretty damn amazing, only knew this mofo by name i think. perhaps if someone posted some single recs by him i might’ve heard those before.

he must be the first pianist next to vlad that actually plays with the humour and effects in the transcription, instead of rushing through it at neckbreak-speed and making it nothing more than a showpiece. but then again, he’s also copying vlad in most of his interp.

the waltz is pretty interesting indeed, some very nice playing and pedalcolouring. i only know vlad’s rec of this, so i don’t know how much he or kuzmin altered to the score.

I was very impressed when I first heard Kuzmin, but later I realized that he doesn’t touch me and that he plays very similar every piece…
But I’m gonna post some of his CDs - Kuzmin plays Liszt and Kuzmin Encores…