Let's do a speed race

da caption contest is coo fo da comedic genius

but we obviously need an official contest fo da fury!
dats rite

let’s choose a fuckin SDC piece dat every SD would be glad to have in his rep like a chopet and let’s do a fucking speed race !


dis is a problem - mah rep is minimal 8)

but mah idea is
we choose a piece dat we don’t know
a short piece fo sho
everyone learns it
and in a month or a bit more we do da contest

ah ic

ok, im up 4 it if its gonna be a piece dat i love and already wanna learn

i can compete when i get mah fuckin piano

since i dont have a fuckin piano to work on rite now 8)

I suggest some Scriabin, maybe a short prelude or mazurka. 8)

in a word - no 8)

are there any sd ones?

maybe scriabin’s e flat minor prelude?
it’s fast
and… eh… “furry”

hgahaha, not fury?

it’s presto iirc
and has a lot of f, ff, fff and such (at least in the 2nd half)
5/8 time
eb minor
it’s 8)

hhahaha, dayum

ima check dat 8)

me thinks b minor is a bit similar
iirc again

It’s gotta be the mazurka Op. 3 No. 6 or i’m out. 8)

in a word - no 8)

da SuperMario Brother ‘Castle Theme’, it’s a freaking etude

individual.utoronto.ca/auyeun/MM … sPiano.pdf

u fuck

u mofos don’t help

we know not what we do, for we do what we know, and what we know - is what we do

one white key glissando

I try not to offend da chairman 8)

ic 8)