ligeti piano concerto

been lookin for dis shit fo years…

haha lets see if da jeff can help

i think i have it somewhere…


this piece is freaky

hahaha, what a mofo

Gawriloff ?
iz dat a kind of Gavrilov fo da violin ?

hahaha, if he is

den hes a fuckin TRU MOFO

i meant da sheetmusic not da mp3

hahaha, dsi has to be specified

I don’t collect Concerto scores.

hahaha, u mofo

im never gonna find dis motha :imp:

well if you can locate the offspring, we can possibly do a DNA test, and when we get a result, we can possibly track down any possible genetic matches

y didnt i think of dat before??


hahaha, da thrac steps in wif da iron thumb and says dat he will ‘see what he can do’

dis is genius


ic 8)

u dont even want dis mofo 8)