Lise de la Salle: Bach Unlimited … 2017-37408

There’s a nice interview (in French unfortunately) to mark the release of her latest CD.
It’s as I suspected, she doesn’t get asked to perform here much which is why she left for NYC for three years (she’s just moved back).
I don’t get it, ther must be a disconnect here between labels and concert promoters; how is it that a young French pianist recording on a French label can’t get gigs in her own country?
Does one have to be on Universal to get a look in?
She barely gets a gig, meanwhile it’s acceptable for Kissin to play the exact same fucking programme (!) twice in the same city a few months apart!

As to the recording, don’t usually like “concept” albums but I just listened to this disc on Spotify and liked it, particularly the Chaconne and Liszt BACH.
I really hope she plays at this level when she plays the programme live at the Musée du Quai Branley next month.

Hehe, for Kissin this is prestige - he gave a double Carnegie Hall recital as well in 2015. Because he can.

I would say it’s very close to that. From what I understand the big-time classical music world is hardly less corrupt than the IOC or UFC. I’m sure one day we’ll even hear classical music’s equivalent of a Harvey Weinstein person (he’ll probably work at Universal).

I’ve heard that Gergiev is like that, but probably for people who work at the Mariinsky more than the soloists he accompanies .
It’s sickening but I’d wager this behaviour is pretty ubiquitous.

Anyone want this rec? I can post it if there’s interest.

Yes I do!
Thanks heaps.

Damn the Gergiev swinging his toothpick baton for all the wrong entries. No wonder this dude looks overworked. Even though he’s Putin’s mate I still can’t help but like the dude. It’s more the creepy disgusting Weinstein-like execs at DGG who should be pulled out

Your sexual innuendo is priceless. The way you mixed in baton was top shelf stuff.

I wish someone would pay me for the time I literalise sexuality.