Liszt competition

Mah-bad-self iz da random mofo, howevah,
u should check out da Liszt competition

diz iz a link fo da live webcasting:

n dis iz da programme, so ya will know when to check dat sheeyat out:

it iz wikid


Randomly I cannot watch the vids at work, but I watched this thing yesterday.

So far, my fave is Wang Siyuan, (i don’t remember the spelling).


I liked the mofo who played HR10 and Wilde Jagd.

I think da jaguah was a 4:30 perf and da HR wasn’t too slow either. 8)

Da results of da first round are almost dere 8)

Mah favoritez are

  • Milan Miladinović
    Diz mofo went totally berzerk. His performanc waz perfect.
    To be honest hiz style waz very showy, but mah-bad-self likes dat sheeyat.
    Dere were also two azn beeyatchez which mah-bad-self liked:

  • Ji-yeon Yeom
    Da playing of diz female sounded VERY FURIOUS, howevah, she waz looking very tranquil while playing dis so I am sure she haz potential to unleash even mo FUUURRRYYYY if she wantz to. She also showed us da CG by waiting a minute doin nothin aftah finishin off her last piece.

  • Kasumi Yamamoto
    It iz da same case wit dis one. A true SD iz hidden in diz woman.

haha, da doc style unleashin :doc:

hahahaha, diz iz da onyl topic about diz on diz forum

hahah da deztroyah pozt in da mozt random section :comme:

respec fo dat 8)

hahahahaha, da comme pic iz hilariouz


ic 8)

hahahaa, sheeyat,

actually mah-bad-self just lykz da asian women 8)
so I am ENRAGED about da fact dat so many of dem are kicked out of da comp.

n hilariously NONE of yo favz were actually gud 8)



[size=150]UNTRUE [/size] 8)

dey WERE good. But dey were not reconnized 8)

plz remembah: RESPEC to all da fallen mofoz


does mofoz command decent RESPECT from mah-bah-zelf.