- da SDC extenzion boardz !!

da SDC is back up … while it was down i thought of making and extension boardz for da SDC … like an undergroung boardz for da SDC …
feel free to say what ya think about diz and u can go there and do da suggestionz… HAHA dayum !

hahahahah fuckkkk, everytime!
respec tho :whale:

respec :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

damn !!

respec da supahstar

LOL, an underground board for an underground board… We’ll be reaching the core pretty soon.

respec da registered usah !!


Da SDC Clazzic 8)

Skepty randomly not registered :frowning:

da core iz a solid material, not liquid.

Thank you prof… I’ll be sure to remember that. :slight_smile:

:stop: :comme: