Liszt revisions

Rezpek da Mikey!

da TE2 iz an example where da PIMP m*zical mind experiencez random regrezzion

the douze exercizez minimofo verzion iz da bezt m*zic, almoz ZART lyk in itz effortlezz zimplizdick gensui

da GE verzion, alzo a wikid zong wiz inventive nu tech

da final TE verzion, a bit ghey 8)


I‘ve been listening to the song versions of the petrarca sonetti quite a bit recently.
I think these hold their own against the AdP version, especially 47 and 123.
Curiously, the song order is different, with 104 preceding 47.

I remember there being something weird about the numbering of the sonnets and Liszt’s numbering not matching up. As in Petrarch’s 104 was not Liszt’s 104.

Allan Clayton (who is an awesome dude btw) was telling me the songs don’t lie under the voice very well. And the piano part is often (understandably) quite horrendous.

Just had a re-listen to the original Pags - they are insane to the point of silliness. I did llke the spiccato variation in 6 but the chord version of 4 is ridiculous. Somehow Petrov makes something out most of them.

Don’t think i’ve actually heard many of the original violin ones but it seems the revisions are more Liszt than Paganini (or I could be totally off) but a few moments I scoffed at in the earlier versions are I think Paganini trademarks.