Liszt sight-reading Griegs Piano Concerto in A minor.

I heard rumours that Liszt sight read it and played it all through without ever looking at it beforehand. Is this true, does anyone know?

I’ve read that many times. Seems perfectly possible, as far as I know, the concerto doesn’t contain any new revolutionary techniques Liszt wouldn’t have played a million times before.

it iz historically confirmed by historians dat da pimp could sight read virtually anything.

az a mattah of fact he sight-read da monstrous hummel concerto at age 11.

anotha fun fact:

liszt never “ppracticed” sight reading. but rather:

he was forced by czerny to learn 10 page pieces in a week.
he did it a lot for fun.

which hummel concerto? he wrote 8. i iz interesting in knowing, being a hummel fan.

hahha fuck mah forgetful zelf

diz was in b-minor.

citation: Ramann, Lina. Franz Liszt alz Kunstler und Mensch. vol 1. Leipzig, 1880-1894

<- random liszt scholar

one of mah fav concertos. i may post this later on so you all can realize its fury.

I would like to hear that.

rnadumly i haff it, iz a bit genzui haha, weird that he iz not mo famous

I heard also da da :pimp: playes da revolutionary with 8ves in da Left at speed? surprised :ziff: didn’t duplicate dat one.

i think :pimp: did with op.25 no.2 from chopet with rh octave
revolutionary was by dreyschock (spelling)

hahaha da :doc: zcock

I’m sure Liszt sightread the Grieg. There are many people with incredible sightreading skill.

da Liszt sighted read da Grieg piano+orchestral parts


but da Grieg 1st is actually mostly sight-readable

Yeah, and it’s also one of the best piano concertos, alongsides Liszt’s No.1 :wink:

highly doubtful

Whatever. It comes down to personal opinion. Greigs one just does it for me. The 3rd movt is amazing near the end.

have you heard da Ruub’s live video recording? I almost fell asleep. I dunno whether it was coz i was tired or it didn’t have a hint of bravura in it, but it was incredibly slow! He takes 14 1/2 minutes in the 1st mov.

The Greig Ballade is quite underrated, yet it’s one of Grieg’s finest works.