liszt technical exercises

hello, does anyone of you have theses pieces? i read about them and they must be really good to improve technical skills! would be great if some of you guys could help me…

i have some of them in pdf files and i would upload it for you , but till you have the number “666” in your nickname this won’t happen .
change your nickname and u’ll get da excercises !

oh you don’t like that number? ^^ i don’t care i added it just for fun, but if you really want that and tell me how to do it i can change it

go click on profile and change it ! :smiling_imp:

no i don’t think it goes that easy, theres no typefield in my profile in which i could change my nick, i think the admin has to do this

dat’s troo

moi wanna change mah nickname back to “da rectum” too

but i can"t

fuck it , now i got pwnd …

wait a mo and ill be uploadin some of da sheeyatz


here you go the first 3 books

but sincerely , these excercises are not good , the best way to improve technical skill without losing sense of touch is to play etudes specially Chopetz …

but here ya go !

ok thats cool, big thanks!

I practised some of them today, they seem to be really good to me! does anyone have the other books? would be great!

:lib: : “any exercice iz gud”

randomly da chop exercises iz a bit low-carb compard to da pimp 8)

fuck u in all ur holez ! chopetz are useful and bettah for da bezt penizes … and randomly da ztupid penizes need something to show off ofcourse … and let it be your vagina for la leggierezza!

haha, da patriotism

can u fix tha links i just want to check out this sheeyat randomly